Winch - 3.2 Ton Lift

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Heavy Duty Tirfor Type Winch



  • All units come supplied with 20 metres of cable and hook
  • This winch is versatile, portable, lightweight and compact. It can be used in different working positions - horizontal, vertical and angle, to lift, pull, lower, stretch or secure heavy loads over a long distance as well as to hold the rope/loads safely.
  • The rope gripping system is easily disengaged with a lever, allowing smooth installation of the wire rope
  • The reliable parallel gripping system has a large surface contact area providing an evenly distributed grip at a lower force, and hence less rope wear
  • Built-in overload protection by a shear pin arrangement in the forward lever. Broken shear pins can be replaced without removing the load
  • Spare shear pins are conveniently placed in the carrying handle
  • Equipped with an anchor bolt, offering numerous connection possibilities with wire ropes and chain slings
  • Telescopic handle with rubber sleeve supplied
  • Safety factors are more than 6 to 1
  • Tested and certified to 150% of rated capacity
  • The 20m standard wire rope on reel is fitted with a safety hook
  • Drop-forged safety hooks are designed to bend slowly to warn overloads
  • Newly designed wire rope reel for easy usage and collection
  • Durable chrome finished housing to protect against rust and corrosion
  • High strength housing made of corrosion-free alloy steel plate
  • Longer cables are available if required
  • Parts are available for complete repairs