Wheel Chock, Rubber Set of Two

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Prevent your truck, car, van, motor home, trailer from rolling away! 

Wheel chocks are critical for safety in any loading dock environment. In an event that a heavy vehicle begins to roll or shift while loading or unloading the moulded rubber wheel chock is designed to capture the truck tires by allowing it to roll on the sloped chock face. These chocks resist tearing, abrasion and weathering and will serve faithfully for many years.

This price is for two standard wheel chocks, normally they are used as a pair. This wheel chock is made from recycled rubber to an industrial grade and comes with a rubber handle for convenient carrying.


  • Moulded from heavy-duty industrial strength thermoplastic rubber
  • 37° ribbed slope conforms to the tyre shape
  • 3/8 Pre-drilled fastener/tie-down hole in the handle
  • Ideal for a loading dock environment
  • *OSHA requires chocks to prevent vehicle rolling/shifting during loading/unloading
  • Rated for: Hauler trucks with tire sizes up to 44″D with a load capacity up to 40 tons


  • 290mm x 190mm x 160mm
  • Weighing 3kg each