Twin Saw 280mm Diameter Petrol Powered

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Rescue Saw - Petrol-powered contra-rotating double-blades. 

Characteristics Two circular saw blades with identical diameter are running on each other in counter direction and create one single cut with no cut reaction.


Features and Operational Benefits

  • Cuttable Material: All machineable materials up to the full depth of cut except concrete and stone
  • Reaction free operation, the effect of the one blade is compensated by the other
  • Kick-back free penetration into any kind of surface
  • High definition clean cutting
  • Ultra-sharp cutting, even the toughest materials can be cut, e.g. side crash protection
  • Cutting all materials and material combinations without blade change
  • Can be used with single blade diamond cutting wheel for concrete
  • Use where you have to separate materials without movement and distortion
  • Different types of materials in combination
  • Where all other tools are over forced and limited
  • Where room is tight and difficult to cut
  • Where you have to penetrate into surfaces
  • Where you have to separate mechanically
  • Where a continuously running production process does not allow a stop
  • Where after-work on the cut edges is expensive
  • Where material combinations must be separated
  • Where you have to work especially safe and secure. 

Saw Specifications:

  • Engine 3.5 kW / 4.7 hp; 2-stroke petrol engine 1:50 fuel ratio
  • Quick Start Decompression, Choke
  • Transmission Unidirectional rotating differential gears, double stocky - patented
  • Drive transmission V-belts, angular gear
  • Fuel Super, Normal 1:50 (special additional 2-stroke oil)
  • Fuel Tank 0.65 l; enough for 30 minutes of full load
  • Lubrication automatically start pumping between the blades
  • Lubricant Universal Special Lubricant Cool
  • Lubricant tank Tank 0,4l; reaches 1-hour full load, semi-automatic
  • Saw blades 235mm-260mm (Standard) -280mm
  • Cutting depth 77mm- 90mm -100mm
  • Sound Emission 96 dB, 115 dB at full load
  • Vibrations within the provisions Certification CE Restricted. trained personnel,
  • Standardize EN harm., UL, CCC, SG,
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 760 x 190 x 350 mm
  • Weight 11.5 kg no blades, 12.9 kg with blades

We also have available a range of electric saws, please enquire for information