Tempest MVU 48 & 60

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The Tempest MVU® 48 & 60 both operate through the use of a highly efficient and effective hydraulic system.  

This hydraulic system makes these units ideal for long operating times and frequent use. Powered by the legendary turbocharged Cummins® diesel engine mounted separately from the actual fan, hydraulic pressures are generated to operate the unit’s Tilt-Turn system (optional feature), Scissor Lift (optional feature) and impeller rotation. Due to the fan’s significant size and power, the 48 & 60 generate the highest CFM possible in a mobile ventilation unit. 

These two MVU® models are the power-houses in ventilation.



You won’t find more air movement in any mobile ventilation application.

MVU 48: 130,000 CFM (221,000 m3/hr) nominal airflow

MVU 60: 150,000 CFM (255,000 m3/hr) nominal airflow

Whether you’re looking to ventilate CO from a mile-long tunnel, remove toxic fumes from a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse or keep an outdoor work area free from particulates, the MVU® 48 & 60 deliver the air movement you need.



The optional Scissor Lift package allows the unit to be easily elevated on level ground to a height of up to nearly 10′ (3 meters). The lifting action is delivered through hydraulic pressures generated by the engine.



The 48 & 60 are available with an optional Tilt Package which allows the ventilators to be directed either 30° up or down, greatly increasing the unit’s ability to ventilate elevated or lowered areas. Tilt controls are powered by the hydraulic pressure system.



The ventilators can be rotated 380° continuously, in either direction with the Ventilator Rotation Option. The rotation action is powered by a 24V electric motor.



Incredibly valuable in a number of scenarios such as hazmat, decontamination and general cooling, the Misting System Option allows you to throw 87 GPM of water through 8 misting nozzles up to 130′ (40 meters) downstream from the ventilator.



Tempest offers a number of mounting options for the MVU® 48 & 60. Some platforms include custom tandem axle trailers, domestic and foreign commercial truck chassis, rail cars, hook-lift skid systems and more. All of these mounts can be custom ordered and installed through Tempest.



TYPE Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU®)

48″ Diameter Aluminum Air Foil Design, 7 Blade Impeller

60″ Diameter Aluminum Air Foil Design, 7 Blade Impeller

FRAME Tubular and Solid Steel Welded Construction
SHROUD Rolled and Formed Steel
GRILLE Continuous Circular Wound External-Weld Steel Wire with Welded Tie-Points
MOTOR/DRIVE 110 or 133 HP Turbo Charged Cummins® Diesel Powered Hydraulics
MOUNT Tandem Axle Trailer, Import/Domestic Truck Chassis, Hook – Lift Skid, Rail Car, Other
CONTROLS Full Functional Electronic Fixed Panel Controls with Wired or Wireless Remote



Blade Engine HP CFM Weight
48" & 60" Turbo Charged Cummins® Diesel 110 or 133 130,000 or 150,000 (Nominal) 8,000 & 12,000 lbs.