Tarp Klips

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The Tarp Klip is the perfect solution for loose, torn, or non-existent eyelets or grommets.

The Tarp Klip is a low-cost scientifically designed and tested clip for securing and tying down tarpaulins, tents, signs, banners, truck/car covers, sails, boat covers, drop cloths, and canvas awnings. 

The Tarp Klip is very versatile and can be used anywhere. It makes a lot of jobs easier around the home, useful on the boat, or great for outdoor activities and camping.


Tarp Klip Features:

  • Rugged construction and design, and very strong
  • Can be placed anywhere on a tarpaulin, tent, etc and won't damage the fabric
  • Easy to use
  • Will anchor practically anything down
  • Inexpensive and durable.
  • Available in two sizes: Medium / Large
  • Made from industrial quality glass-filled polycarbonate, with UV protection

Multiple uses, for all seasons:

  • Fire & Rescue Industry: Tarpaulins for salvage and ventilation operations
  • Farming or Building Industry
  • Auto Industry: Car covers, truck covers, carport or canopy covering
  • Marine /Boating Industry: Boat covers, sails, hang towels or bags over the railings
  • Camping and Outdoor recreation: Tents, ground covers, windbreaks. Could also be used for securing down an emergency shelter
  • Utility: Outdoor furniture covers, woodpile covers, pool covers, bbq covers
  • Gardening: Perfect for securing, repairing and constructing all types of ground covers, and protective plant barriers