Spring Tools 4 Piece Metal Working Set

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This 4 piece metal working set is a must-have for anyone working on projects that require drilling, chiselling, punching and mounting hardware. All tools are professional mechanics grade quality and can deliver 3500 PSI on the intended target. The set includes the following tools:

  • High-speed steel centre punch
  • Combo prick punch/centre punch
  • Self-centring centre punch
  • 5/16" cold steel chisel 

All in a hard storage case.



  • High-speed steel centre punch hardened to RC65 for precision marking on hardened steel surfaces. High temper steel tip can be resharpened without loss of hardness. This tool is ideal for removing rivet bodies,
  • 5/16" Cold chisel is designed to remove metal burrs, rivets, screw and nail heads, peening welds and other metal protrusions. Also great for notching sheet metal and other light materials. Outstanding tool for working in hard to reach areas.
  • The self-centring centre punch tool is ideal for mounting brackets, hinges and other hardware to metal surfaces.
  • Centre punch is ideal for marking wood or steel for drilling. Guaranteed to never have your drill wander off spot mark again.
  • All Spring Tools impact tools are made in the USA and are guaranteed for life.