Seek Reveal CompactPRO Thermal Camera for Andriod

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High Resolution Thermal Imaging

CompactPRO is Seek's most advanced thermal imaging camera designed for your smartphone.  

Compact, portable, and lightweight thermal imaging camera which plugs directly into your phone.

Made for Android top models, this highly-portable thermal imaging camera features a large, 320x240 thermal sensor with high sensitivity and a wide, 32-degree field of view. 


  • Andriod / USB Type C

Powerful thermal imaging cameras designed for your smartphone... Seek Compact transforms your smartphone or tablet into a professional thermal imaging tool.

By utilizing the power and convenience of your smartphone, Seek cameras make it easy to take thermal photos and video, share findings, and send for documentation.

Offering adjustable thermal span, level, and emissivity settings, the CompactPRO delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities. 

Seek Compact cameras are engineered to run on low power from your smartphone and do not require batteries or charging.

Features & Benefits:

  • 320 x 240 Thermal Sensor
  • 32° Field of View
  • < 9 Hz Frame Rate
  • 1,800 ft. Detection Distance
  • Focusable Lens
  • -40F° to 626°F Detection
  • Waterproof Case Included
  • Photos & Videos
  • Spot Temperature
  • High-Low Temperature
  • Threshold Mode
  • 9 Color Palettes
  • Auto & Span/Level Control
  • Adjustable Emissivity

  • 76,800 temperature pixels for maximum image clarity and sensitivity
  • Level and Span controls let you isolate and capture the details that matter
  • Calibrate for reflective surfaces when accuracy is critical with adjustable emissivity
  • Focusable lens lets you aim and focus from 6 inches to 1,800 feet for the sharpest image
  • Accurately inspect HVAC, mechanical, and electrical equipment faster and safer
  • Compatible with OtterBox UniVERSE Case System
  • Includes a pocket-sized, waterproof carrying case

This product will work with your Android Tablet (running Android 4.3 or higher) also, however, the app required is not optimized for larger displays.