Rescue Platform

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This rescue platform made of aluminium is for all rescue work requiring elevated access.


Suitable For rescue work on;

  • Trucks,
  • Trains,
  • Aircrafts
  • Buildings.

A safe working area of 1.7 metres x 1 metre



  • Stable, lightweight and robust design with non-slip steps and a platform made of solid aluminium construction
  • Adjustable leg height for working on uneven and rough ground or steep banks
  • The platform stands securely on non-slip feet
  • Safe adjustment with arresting bolts in 265 mm steps
  • Legs equipped with extensions, individually adjustable in 30 mm steps
  • Platform height adjustable from 0.8m to 1.4 m
  • Can be folded up to save space and for ease of transportation
  • Complies to DIN 14830


  • Weight - 49 kg
  • Leg extension 200 mm
  • Working Load 500 kg
  • Platform size 1770mm x 850mm
  • Platform height 850mm - 1391mm
  • Storage size 1980mm x 1080mm x 220mm