Redtronic Mega-Flash LED Lightbar with 100W Siren

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The Redtronic™ Mega-Flash™ FX DS lightbar with siren and speaker 

This lightbar is the ideal product for use on emergency vehicles. 

Redtronic™ install a 100w speaker in the centre of the light bar, therefore, providing maximum awareness to other drivers when in operation. Standard centre colour is black.

A popular size is the 21.5" (55cm) lightbar which is DEKRA speed test approved up to 146mph with Redtronic's 'super strong magnets'. This model can also be manufactured in dual colour offering the user ultimate flexibility depending on the type of incident or nature of their work.

The lights and siren on most temporary mounted models are 'switched' via a multi-function cigarette plug. 


  • Low-profile design improves fuel efficiency.
  • Available in permanent or magnetic models
  • 4 x high strength rubber coated magnets
  • A safety lanyard is included with the magnetic mounts.
  • Voltage: 12 volts or 24 volt
  • It comes standard with 48 LEDs with linear lenses and uses the OSRAM 3 watt gen 3 LEDs for maximum brightness.
  • Complying with ECE R65 Class 2 in blue this lightbar will compete with any other in terms of brightness.

  • A choice of siren modes is available:
    • wail-yelp-phaser
    • wail-yelp-hilo
    • wail-yelp
  • Flash patterns available:
    • Quad flash - Four fast flashes per side
    • Triple flash - Three fast flashes per side
    • Double flash - Two fast flashes per side
    • Alternating - Single Flash either side
    • Hyper-Flash - Gradually increased flash rate (Only available in ‘Boost power’ mode)

  • Multi-function cigarette plug:

1. The 1st latching switch (with LED) powers the lights

2. The 2nd switch triggers the siren. Continuous selection cycles through the specified tones

3. The system has ‘bullhorn’ automatically enabled. Trigger this by holding down the 2nd switch

4. The siren can be cancelled with ‘double-tap’ of the 2nd switch or by de-powering the lights 

COLOURS AVAILABLE: Amber / Blue / Green / Red - Single or Split Colours 


  • Weight: 9kg
  • Dimensions: (Cm) 55 x 32 x 9 / (Inches) 21.5 x 12.5 x 3.5
  • 12v Supply Current Draw: [LIGHTS - 9Amps (max)] [SIREN - 4.5Amps (max)]
  • Voltage range: 11 - 30 Volts (siren voltage specified upon order)
  • Brand of LED: CREE
  • IP Rating:
  • IP54 (external) / IP67 (internal)
  • Warranty: 5 Years (siren 2 years)


ECE R65: Class I (Amber)
ECE R65: Class II (Blue)
ECE R65: Class II (Blue & Amber)
DEKRA speed test (146mph) *Mag-mount version