Pulaski Axe 36" 3.5Lb Hickory Handle

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The Pulaski Axe combines an axe head on one side, and a grubber blade 120mm long by 80mm wide for digging, on the rear of the axe head.
The Firetec Pulaski Axe is a very popular tool for rural fire fighting.  It is also a very useful tool for mountain bike track building, 4 wheel driving, and other outdoor activities requiring a multi-purpose tool.


  • Forged 3.5lb head
  • Axe face
  • 120mm long x 80mm wide grubber blade on rear of the axe head
  • 36" handle using grade 1 Hickory wood for strength and durability

Suitable For:

  • Rural Fire Fighting
  • Mountain Bike track building
  • 4 Wheel Driving
  • Forest Industry
  • Landscaping
  • Building and Construction Industry