Paraflex Boot Foot Bed

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Not all feet are equal! The Dual Fit Footbed is designed to cater for your individual foot profile. It offers a ‘peel away’ removable forepart pad.

This allows you to tailor-fit a standard boot to your actual foot requirements.


In determining a comfortable fit you should:

  • 1: Remove any tissue paper that might be inside the boots.
  • 2: Release the laces so they are loose right down to the first eyelet.
  • 3: Ensure you are wearing socks of thickness you are most likely to wear with the boots.
  • 4: Place your foot inside the boot and determine if there is enough room in the forepart (front). Remember that the leather will naturally stretch as the boots are worn in.
  • 5: If too tight, pull the Dual Fit Footbed from the boot and peel away the coloured forepart pad from the underside, then refit.  This instantly provides another 2mm - 3mm of extra room.