McLeod Rake Mini

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The Firetec Mini McLeod Rake is the perfect tool for Wildland / Rural fire fighting. It is also a very useful tool for mountain bike track building, and trail maintenance.

The Mini McLeod Rake is the same as the McLeod Rake, but much narrower in the head as it has fewer prongs. This makes it easier to dig in on the flat side. You can achieve a deeper cut or rake with less effort.

Ideal for turning over and clearing pine needles, duff, saw dust, bark and other ground materials. The blade will also cut through grasses to expose underground burning.


FireQuip rakes are made from tough materials

  • Grade 450 Bisalloy wear plate
  • Grade 8.8 Zinc bolts
  • 32mm Ash wood handles to take the punishment
  • Powder-coated for extreme durability  

Suitable For:

  • Rural Fire Fighting
  • Mountain Bike track building
  • Landscaping
  • Building and Construction
  • Forestry Industry