Goliath Ultimate Portable Lighting 250+ with outlet socket

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The Goliath 250 range consists of top quality lights that you can use anywhere and for all purposes.

Goliath Lights are robust, safe, economical and remarkably versatile, they can be used inside, or outside in all weather conditions as the lights are IP65 rated and put out 4000 Lumens of friendly light

Compact and Portable Lighting Plant:

Goliath lights are perfect for anyone requiring portable lighting and are quick and easy to set up. Lights can be used individually, or two lights clip into a stand for a portable lighting plant.

  • The telescopic stand will hold 2 Goliath Lights
  • Lights clip straight into the stand, so no bolts are required
  • The stand allows better distribution of lighting, and "up-lighting"
  • Requires a small generator to run

Note: Goliath Lights and stands are sold individually


Goliath lights are suitable for a variety of different industries:

  • Fire and Rescue
  • Police Emergencies
  • Civil Defence Operations
  • Painters & Decorators
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Builders & Building Contractors
  • Rural Fire - City Councils
  • Roading Contractors


  • Lights will operate at any angle. They have an adjustable rubber strap fitted to the back of the light, and adjustable stand on the back - and this simple system makes it possible to hang the lamp in all kinds of positions - both horizontally and vertically e.g. on ladders, scaffolding poles and pipes.

  • Shockproof:
    • Strong polycarbonate and rubber housing which will withstand rough handling and movement. Goliath lights are designed, built, and approved for tough use, and this ensures a long service life. If you accidentally drop the light it is very unlikely that anything will happen to it - you can just pick it up and carry on working.
  • Safe Working Conditions:
    • Lights are approved for outdoor use.
    • Goliath lights are double insulated for extra safety, and the exterior never gets more than hand-warm so they can be placed anywhere.
    • Lights stay cool enough to be able to place on combustible surfaces and close to sensitive items.
    • Goliath 250 lights guarantee flicker-free lighting

  • Strong neoprene cable is oil resistant and is approved for use in mechanical workshops or similar industry.
  • Soft even spread of light, no shadows
  • IP65 rated - dust and waterproof
  • Lights come with 5 metres of cord
  • Low energy consumption, 55 watt–comparable to a 500-watt halogen.
  • 7 times less power to run than halogen lights, and a much whiter light to work in.
  • Light source lasts for a minimum of 8,000 hrs
  • 3-year guarantee - except light 
  • 4000 Lumens light output

The ultimate in portable lighting, Goliath Lights are made in Denmark

You can maximize the light output using the Goliath Tripod stand