Genfo Bag Flexible Backpack Sprayer

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    • Upgraded wider and padded shoulder straps for long duration wearing.

    • Quick disconnect hose coupling, much easier for storage, refilling and cleaning.

    • Filter mesh for the main filler helps prevent contaminants from blocking up the nozzle reducing downtime. 

  • Thermo welded flexible water tank, made with canvas reinforced synthetic yarns.
  • Very efficient and easy to use.
  • Excellent to control, mop-up, and extinguish forest and scrub fires.
  • Can be used with foam agents, class A and AFFF
  • Roll up for easy storage and transport.
  • Pump is double acting so application rate is fast
  • Pump cylinder and components are solid brass and fully maintainable.


  • Holds up to 18 Litres (4 Gallons)
  • Dimensions: 490mm x 650mm
  • Inlet 100mm diameter
  • Flow 120cc/stroke
  • Straight stream 8 metres, wide spray 3 metres