Quickstop Firefighter Multi-Tool + Wall Mount Combo

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The Quickstop Multi-Tool Combo Kit includes one Firefighter Multi-Tool and one Wall Mount Case. The Multi-Tool Combo Kit gives you the ability to securely mount your fire sprinkler tool in a visible area for quick deployment. It is recommended you mount cases next all fire extinguishers.  When accidents happen with fire sprinklers seconds matter. That’s why the Quickstop Multi-Tool is the tool of choice for reducing water damage and protecting buildings across the world.


  • The Quickstop Multi-Tool is the ONLY sprinkler tool on the market that stops ½” and ¾” heads whether they are intact, damaged or completely sheared off
  • Quick simple one-handed operation
  • Works on upright, pendant and sidewall fire sprinklers as well as recessed heads
  • No fire training needed to operate
  • The Quickstop Multi-Tool has been tested to hold 100% water tight up to 350 PSI or 2400 KPA
  • Each tool is designed with a Fusible Link which releases the tool when heated. This allows the sprinkler head to start again if a fire was to start
  • The Low profile wall mount case is ADA Compliant
  • Lockout tags included to protect against vandalism and theft
  • UV-stabilized to keep cover clear outdoors
  • Overall Case Dimensions: 5.43"W x 7.55"H x 3.3"D