Firecraft Tracer (AC Detector)

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A non-contact AC Voltage Detector.

The FireCraft Tracer is a safety device designed for professional rescuers and anybody who may unknowingly be exposed to the dangers of electrical shock and electrocution. The FireCraft Tracer will provide warning of exposed high voltage AC from a safe distance.

  • Detects AC Voltage at a Safe Distance
  • Pinpoints Direction of Downed Lines
  • Detects Power in Unused Outlets
  • Fits in Pocket for Hands-Free Use
  • Audio and Visual Signals
  • Storage Case and DieHard® Battery included

Typical Applications:

  • Indoor Assessment:
    • Determine whether AC outlets or power cords are energized; assess non power lines, such as cable TV; trace wiring within walls.
  • Vehicle Accidents:
    • Assess the site and vehicle for potential exposure to AC voltage; verify power disconnect.
  • Building Collapse / Urban Search & Rescue:
    • Detect unknown sources of unshielded and potentially hazardous AC voltages; verify proper power disconnect.
  • Structure Fires:
    • Identify nearby high voltages and potential dangers from electrical wires during size-up, investigation, and salvage and overhaul operations.
  • Storms and Disaster Recovery:
    • Identify energized wires on roads or structural parts in collapsed building and flooded sites; assess the extent of a power outage.
  • Swimming Pools or other Wet Environments:
    • Determine if water or damp ground is energized.

Check this link for more product information: Tracer-PDF

Check this Youtube link for the video: Tracer-Video



Size 140mm long x 85mm wide x 30mm deep



  Red Silicone protective boot cover


  Internal five second built-in test function after turn-on. Test includes battery   charge level. Built-in low battery warning

  Frequency Range

  Detects AC voltages from 40 to 70Hz

  Warning Indications

 Both audible (beep) and visual (LED) signals increase or decrease in  frequency depending upon proximity to AC voltage source 


  280 grams including 9 volt battery

  Water Resistance

  Splash-proof only, not fully waterproof

  Operating Temperature Range

  -220 to +1220 F (-300 to + 500 C )

  Storage Temperature Range

  -400 to +1580 F (-400 to + 700 C)