Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers 50pk

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The Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers protect your fire sprinklers during painting and general maintenance and also save you time and money. No more wasted time wrapping sprinklers in tape, plastic and other made up solutions.  Simply peel and stick our paint covers over the sprinkler onto the escutcheon plate and you’re done. 50 paint covers per pack.


  • Easy Installation – Quick simple installation, just peel, stick and go.  Avoid handling and breaking fire sprinkler glass bulbs.
  • Durable – Adhesive tape ring holds paint cover securely to trim plate while working
  • Save Money – Avoid having to replace the entire sprinkler head with this simple solution. NFPA 25: states that any sprinkler with paint on the operating element must be replaced.  Paint on fire sprinklers can cause them to not function properly or at all leaving you with the liability.
  • Highly Visible – The bright orange color helps mark locations of fire sprinklers and draws attention to help prevent accidental damage
  • Compatibility – Our temporary paint covers fit on most recessed pendant and sidewall fire sprinklers whether at home, work or on a jobsite
  • Interior Dimensions – 2” Diameter x 3” Deep
  • Made in the USA