Exin Portable LED Light 3500 Lumen

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The Exin Portable LED Light is able to illuminate a very wide area and provides benefits for endless applications.


The Exin IN3500LB Light Head has three power settings to suit different applications

  • Low / Medium / High

  • It produces a huge 3500 lumens from the single sided light head on the high setting.
  • This powerful light is fitted with an ‘emergency flash’ function and can be tilted by 60° to light up a wide area.


  • The Exin IN3500LB body is constructed using an automotive type ABS747 making it highly durable with a robust, solid construction.

  • IP65 RATING:  Waterproof / Dustproof
    • The IN Series has an IP 65 rating which means it is dustproof and waterproof. It is both UV and saltwater resistant and the IN3500LB can be used in wet and dry environments.
  • The shock absorbing rubber used on both the base and the lid seal gives extra protection to the light.
  • The built-in cable storage compartment means you won’t forget the charging cables and there are no dangling cables to form a trip hazard.
  • The extension arms fitted either side of the body with an easy push-pull handle mean that you can choose the right height for your required lighting needs.


  • The Exin light IN3500LB has a 18ah battery.
  • This Industrial Light is fitted with a main on/off switch to increase its battery life and can operate up to 24 hours on a single charge when using the low setting.
  • The lead acid gel batteries do not require water or service maintenance when used in accordance with the operating manual instructions.
  • At the rear of the body, there is a battery charging outlet and a convenient battery charge indicator displaying the three colours below:

    • Red = charging is required,
    • Yellow = half charge remaining,
    • Green = fully charged.


Model IN3500 SS
Net Weight (kg) 11.2
Gross Weight (kg) 12.2
Open Height (mm) 1150
Closed Height (mm) 582
Width (mm) 335
Depth (mm) 222
Charging Voltage AC/DC

100- 240V 12/24V 
Optional Solar Panel

Light Type LED One side
Lumens (Lm) High: 3500      Low: 1750
Battery Run Time (hours) High: 14 – 16 / Low: 28 – 30
Battery Charge Time  14 – 16 Hours