Exin Portable LED Light EX90L

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The Exin EX90L covers any need for portable lighting from Disaster Recovery, Accidents and Crime Scenes to nighttime Utility and Road work.

The lights are bright, portable, very versatile, and rechargeable.

The Exin EX90L is suitable for a variety of different industries:

  • Mining
  • Railways
  • Utility Companies: Power / Water / Telecommunications
  • Emergency Services: Fire & Rescue / Ambulance / U.S.A.R
  • Airlines
  • Construction & Building Companies
  • Outdoor Sporting and Recreational Organisations

The Exin EX90L is totally self-contained within its own heavy-duty plastic body when in its travel position. This makes the light compact enough to move from site to site, and very adaptable so can be used anywhere. 

When extended the Exin EX90L has two different height settings and a multitude of angle settings for the light head itself. The light head is fitted with over 250 LED’s and can be used in a variety of settings – side A only, side B only, or both sides to emit light in all directions. 

The battery can power the light for 10-12hrs and is easily rechargeable from any 240V GPO. Both charging cables are included and are stored with the light's body for added convenience. The SmithLight also features a low-battery indicator light, so you know when it’s time to recharge.

  • ORANGE - Intrinsically Safe
    • Intrinsically safe for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres and under irregular operating conditions eg mines, fuel, gases.
    • Tested and Approved by TestSafe Australia
    • High-Level Classification IECEx, Zone 0 Group I, Group IIA T2
    • IP 65 Rating


  • Robust solid construction manufactured from ABS747 IP 65
  • Shock-absorbing rubber fitted to the base, and rubber seal on lid seals, protect the light
  • UV and Salt Water resistant
  • Double-sided light head - the light head tilts down by up to 60º
  • Height of the light head is adjustable
  • Safe to use - you can Work close to the light head, as it generates little or no heat
  • The base of the Exin EX90L designed to accept many specialised mounting brackets
  • Fitted with a main on / off switch to increase battery life
  • Low battery alarm
  • Integral battery charger fitted


Dimensions for the light:             

ORANGE 12 HOUR:   Model EX90L - Intrinsically Safe

Weight (kg)


Height (mm)  Open


Height (mm)  Closed


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Voltage (AC/DC) 12V

  230 -240V 

Light Type

  1-Stage LED


  720LM or 1440LM

Battery RunTime

  Max 12 hrs*
  When using 1 side only