Elkhart Vulcan

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The Vulcan® offers several control options including the dual hand-wheel which features a choice of two base configurations – fixed base or a rotating base.

  • Fixed Base:
    • The fixed base dual hand-wheel control allows the operator to remain in a stationary position while manipulating the horizontal movement of the monitor. The fixed nature of the horizontal control can be especially beneficial when operating space is limited.
  • Rotating Base:
    • When using the rotating base dual hand-wheel control, the operator moves in tandem with the monitor while managing the monitor’s horizontal travel. The rotating base allows the operator to maintain visual contact with the monitor’s water direction.

Features Include:

  • Efficient design creates the most cost-effective monitor in its flow class
  • Low friction loss due to 3 3/8” patented elliptical waterway with vaned interior
  • Small footprint — less than 15” wide and requiring just 16” of clearance — makes it
  • ideal for tight spaces
  • Lightweight Elk-O-Lite® construction is compatible with aerial platform applications or any other use where a lightweight, highly flow-efficient monitor is needed.
  • Several control options are available, allowing customization for your needs:
    • Tiller control option allows for faster controls
    • Dual hand-wheel control features fully enclosed stainless steel worm gears and are available with either fixed or rotating base hand-wheel controls
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge with bumper guard