Elkhart Scorpion Electric

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The Scorpion® Electric provides two user-selectable settings – Stow Position and Stow Signal Output.

The programmable options for the Stow position are:

  • 1) Discharge up
  • 2) Discharge down.

The programmable options for Stow Signal output are:

  • 1) No output until the sequence is complete (for use as aerial interlock)
  • 2) Flashing on/off signal during travel with a steady signal when complete (for in-cab notification).

Product Features:

  • Allows for more effective use of personnel while reducing the potential risk of injury
  • Efficient at high flows — 4” fully -vaned waterway
  • Extremely reliable system with built-in safety features:
  • Motors and control system components sealed to NEMA 4 rating
  • 10 vertical and 39 horizontal adjustable stop positions in the aluminium construction, while brass construction features 10 vertical and 7 horizontal adjustable stop positions
  • Electronic controls with manual override
  • Easy installation — monitor comes with:
    • NEMA 4 rated connectors
    • NEMA 4 rated controller
  • One-button automatic stow with choice of stow position (up or down) and output signal type (pulse or continuous)
  • Liquid-filled pressure gauge


Max. GPM (LPM)

2000 (7570)





150# ANSI Flange


3.5" NHT




Brass or Elk-O-Lite® with red urethane enamel

Friction Loss

39 psi at 2000 GPM

15 psi at 1250 GPM


V -45º to +90º (135º)

H 347º