Elkhart Chief

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Fixed flow Chief™ nozzles efficiently deliver a constant gallonage from straight stream to full fog. 

The simple rugged design makes the Chief™ easy to use, train with and reliable in tough situations. 

Superior hydraulics due to a fully machined waterway result in excellent stream quality and reach. 

The Chief™ is also available in true low-pressure versions with specifically engineered, calibrated and labelled stems down to 50 psi. With more than 300 available variations the Chief™ is easily customized to meet your specific needs.


Features include:

  • Aluminium/Bronze shut-off handle with double stops
  • 100 psi, 75 psi or 50 psi models
  • Durable colour selectable urethane bumper
  • Can be field retrofitted to optional flows and pressures
  • Standard spinning teeth, or optional moulded urethane teeth
  • Available pistol grip made from Elk-O-Lite®
  • 184 GPM at 50 psi in water setting
  • Flush without shut-off