BATfan 2 - 20 minute

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Portable battery-operated fan. Powerful and lightweight for self-contained operation.


Totally self-contained

  • No need for a generator or power socket
  • Runs on battery or mains electricity if necessary (battery will charge at the same time)

Compact, mobile & low noise level

  • Folds up and stows easily in the locker of a vehicle: 2 BATfans occupy the space of one conventional fan!
  • Portable by one person alone with carrying handle and strap
  • BATFan brings far less noise than gas-driven fans during operation

Quicker to set up than conventional fans

  • No time wasted searching for a power socket; starts off instantly
  • No cable; avoids any accidents

Powerful shaped air jet (NEO technology) with an optimal combination of:

  • Blades specifically designed for the motor power
  • Patented system shaping an oval cone of air for increased performance
  • Reinforced double-layer monobloc shroud
  • High-tech composite grill

NiMH battery

  • Safety: Nimh batteries are not classified as dangerous goods in comparison to Li-ion or LiFePO4
  • Environment: NiMH manufacturing is far less detrimental to the environment than Lithium 


  • Adjustable tilt from +65° to -90° with locking system (allows flat positioning to cover a manhole)
  • Integrated variable-speed drive
  • 10 LEDs to illuminate the walkway in front of the blower
  • Built-in charger; charge during operation
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Secure (flat) keypad to control all functions (No fragile button to turn for setting speed)
  • Low maintenance; 1 full charge every 6 weeks
  • Powered by NiMH battery; no restriction for transportation, totally safe
  • Designed to be connected with ducts, foam adapter and 'rehab' misting device

Multi-application can be used:

  • Indoors or outdoors: protected against splashing water (IP66)
  • On its own at a building entrance for PPV
  • For PPV combined tactics with other fans:
    • as a relay in a corridor or stairwell
    • for an attack in front of an apartment door for offensive ventilation
  • For extraction or blowing through ducts (optional)
  • As a foam generator with foam adapter (optional)
  • For rehab of the crew after intervention

Two BATfans together for even more flexibility

  • Taking up the same space as one standard fan, two BATfans give greater operational flexibility:
    • at the building entrance for PPV tactic for more airflow
    • for combined PPV tactic: one at the entrance, the other for relay or attack on a higher floor